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Carta de fanático de Apple que ama Lumia 900

Carta de fanático de Apple que ama Lumia 900

Esto le podría pasar a muchos usuarios tanto de iPhone como de Android, y es que el nuevo smartphone de Nokia y Microsoft tiene un gran diseño, el sistema operativo es muy intuitivo y diferente a otros.

Scott G., es el encargado de darle un giro a Windows Phone con su carta dirigida al CEO de Microsoft, Steve Ballmer. Algo extraño es que la propia empresa optó publicarla, donde se puede leer la integración con otras tecnologías, las llamadas claras, simplicidad del sistema, velocidad y hasta de los Live Tiles que sólo Nokia Lumia 900 trae.

Acá te dejamos con la carta completa.

{xtypo_rounded2} From: Scott G.
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 1:50 PM
To: Steve Ballmer
Subject: Apple fanboy loves his Windows phone

Mr. Ballmer,

Hopefully this will get to you. Your team deserves credit for producing an excellent product in the newest version of Windows Phone. Yes, I am writing from my MacBook Pro. And I have been a fairly loyal Apple customer over the years. However, I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 900 and intend on keeping it. For full disclosure, I was sure to make sure it could be returned after a dismal experience with an Android phone.
My reasons for switching are:

1. Call quality. I actually use my phone as a phone. That concept seems to get lost in many product reviews. One of my employees actually thanked me for getting rid of my iPhone as it was so much easier to hear me. I apologize for the tedium but it means a great deal to me and my business.

2. Simplicity. My family owns five vehicles, including two Fords with Sync. The 4S didn’t support all functions in any of them. My Nokia 900 was flawless out of the box. It was refreshing to have something that just worked. I cannot afford to have my primary means of communication be a science experiment.

3. No junk software. Speaking of science experiments, I also tried a Motorola Razr. Software that cannot be deleted and restarts itself? A company with questionable privacy rules. Software that terrified my poor in-laws? I guess if you like spending your day tinkering with your phone, it’s pretty cool. Maybe it beats playing with your Star Wars dolls?

4. Simplicity again. Everything after set up has been painless as well. Adding apps, setting up email accounts, etc. I thought the iPhone was good. Your set up was actually smoother and took less time. Same for Wi-Fi, in-car Bluetooth, etc.

5. Speed. The 900 doesn’t seem to lag the way the iPhone did at times. Everything seems to execute quickly. That I don’t think about it is probably the best compliment.

6. Live Tiles. It’s a minor thing but the Metro tiles are pretty cool. I just like the look.

Best regards,

Scott G. {/xtypo_rounded2}

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